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The Village of Lydford

lies in the western part of the County of Devonshire, in beautiful countryside ideal for walks and relaxation, within the Dartmoor National Park. It is on the former stage-coach road between the towns of Okehampton (about 12 km to the north) and Tavistock (about 9 km to the south).

The Location of Lydford
close to the A30 Trunk Road
in West Devon

Scalable Aerial Picture of Lydford
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The Church and Castle
can be seen
near the left of the picture.

Lydford Church
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Lydford Castle
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Lydford Gorge
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The historical importance of Lydford is that it is the exact site of an Anglo-Saxon town ("Hlidan") set up in about 890 AD by Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, as one of his strategic, militarised centres to defend his country from the Vikings, who were making frequent violent raids from Denmark, and also from the Cornish, on the other side of the nearby River Tamar.   In the subsequent Anglo-Saxon period, Lydford became an important coin-minting town, producing the famous Lydford Silver Pennies.   The present village still retains the road-ways of Saxon Lydford. Of particular interest are the Anglo-Saxon defensive earth-work wall, the very fine St.Petrock's Church, the Norman Castle and the deep and beautiful Lydford Gorge of the River Lyd. The massive and spectacular granite viaduct in Lydford of the former Exeter-Plymouth railway line is also very worth seeing. Including its associated nearby homes and farms, Lydford has a present population of several hundreds. "The Book of Lydford - An Ancient Saxon Borough" compiled by Barbara Weeks (Halsgrove Publishers, 2004: ISBN 1 84114 332 4) contains very much interesting information about the historic and modern Lydford, including many photographs.


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Lydford AD 870-1066,
as an Anglo-Saxon Town
and Silver-Penny-Minting Centre

Lydford Penny Lydford Penny
An Anglo-Saxon Lydford Silver Penny
Enlarged View

of the Lydford Mint-Masters

Lydford Pennies
in the Stockholm Coin Museum

The Viking Attack
on Lydford in AD 997
The Plaque on a Stone Pillar in Lydford that 
       Commemmorates the Viking Attack in AD997
as described in
'The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle')

Books and Articles
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The Devon Archaeological Society

Mr Antony Michell's 1940s
boyhood in Lydford

Commemoration on 25 March 2008
for Capt Nigel Hunter (MC & Bar)
who died in action in the First World War

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