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                                                GENERAL INFORMATION OF LOCAL INTEREST

            Official Organisations in Lydford

            Medical: Doctors in Tavistock
  • Abbey Surgery: Tel: 01-822-612-247
  • Stannary Surgery: Tel: 01-822-613-517
  • Wharfside Surgery Tel: 01-822-616-131

            Dentists in Tavistock (NHS and/or Private):
  • 30a Brook Street Tel: 01-822-617-788
  • 25 Plymouth Road Tel: 01-822-611-121
  • 26 West Street Tel: 01-822-612-828
  • 33 West Street Tel: 01-822-613-112

            Optician in Tavistock
  • E C Clark, Plymouth Road: Tel, 01-822-412-464

            Veterinary Service in Tavistock
  • Westmoor Centre: Tel, 01-822-612-561

            Local Government and Related Organisations

            Travel Information

            Weather Information


            Find Your Ancestors ! and Make Your Family Tree

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